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Every child is special; every child deserves to excel.

Because we believe that every child is unique and special, we encourage all our pupils to strive and persevere to be whoever they want to be. At NBFA, the welfare of each child is paramount and we believe that every pupil deserves to excel at something.

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Our mission is to become well renowned and globally recognized academic institution operating various dynamics of education from PG to higher secondary level with affiliation from government of Nepal and other international awarding bodies. The objective of NBFA is to provide inclusive environment to children to nurture their talent and skills and to boost academic performance. We aim to create an interactive learning environment and encourage parents' active involvement in assessing learning needs and monitoring performance and progress.


NBFA is driven to be the world class organization that develops the child to be independent, self-motivated and has the conviction to solve the problems individually. We envision to work for the betterment of the society, nation and planet by producing socially responsible scholars from an early age. While we adopt globally competitive curriculum supported by latest modes of technology and co-curricular activities, we also provide positive atmosphere for preserving ethical values, traditions and cultures.

Corporate Values

The accountability for corporate responsibility rests with our corporate and education leaders who are committed to work ethically. We aim to be known for leadership edge, passion for high standards, respect for diversity and commitment to create exceptional opportunities for professional growth so that associates can fulfill their highest potential.